Introducing…The Spleen

Fond reader, brother, sister, comrade:

The world is mad enough, you might say. Indeed it is. However the seemingly logical jump from mad world to madly positive individual is untenable. In brief, positivity is not a child of itself. The positive appears through a wrestling with the negative, and in many cases, a marriage. The world needs both. For as William Blake said, “Without contraries is no progression.” Your mindfulness gurus and positive-psychology duckspeakers—conscious of their true aims or not—want to anesthetize you, to calm the rising spleen that exists for your preservation. Preserve, mate. They’ve spoken long enough. 

The intention of this page, then, is not to drum up more foaming mouths and berserk limbs. Nor is it a distillery of resentment. No, here we come to wrestle with all the rocks and arrows the world lets fly, regardless of how we describe these projectiles. It’s in the wrestling, in the dance, that we find the currents that lift us up.


“The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.”  

—William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven & Hell