Or; Youth & Night

A novel by Christophe Bolduc

Nonlocal is the story of two men lost in a globalized blah that has become the core identity for those who either reject their a priori culture or are rejected by it. It is also a story of entanglement, how people and their stories can become strange iterations of each other.

Kohlhaas enrolls in the M School for Overseas Koreans in China to prepare for a world of the educated in name alone.There he discovers The Forest, and its warping influence, and Berg, who takes him through the seedy downtown and a narration of the missteps that continue to haunt him.

“Gleeful misanthropy and psychological spelunking rendered in prose that is elegant and vigorous, with echoes of Conrad, Dostoevsky, and Hamsun. A work out of time—that could only be written in our current era horribilis.”

—Joseph Fazio, writer, 2014 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellow, & musician

Nonlocal is worth reading simply for the quality of the writing. Bolduc is a writer’s writer, his fearless prose a compelling mix of the modern and Melville, at once introspective and yet with a driving tempo and strange intensity. Likewise, Professor Berg and Kohlhaas are characters who will stay with you long after you finish reading the novel.”

—John Grant Ross, author of Formosan Odyssey

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